The CCS Story

Before matches, torch lighters and industrialization spills were used to light cigars. Wood of various lengths, thickness and species were torn into narrow strips and lit with whatever flame source was handy. Cigars were slowly roasted and toasted allowing the oils and water within the tobacco leaves to slowly smolder, ignite and reveal almost immediately the full flavor and aroma of the cigar.

Commonwealth Cedar Spills began with the intention to return to this worthy tradition. A Commonwealth Cedar Spill is specifically designed for the cigar smoker to get the most out of their cigar by enabling the ignition process to start slowly and enabling the true flavors and aromatics of the tobaccos to come forth as the cigar maker intended. A Commonwealth Cedar Spill is Spanish Cedar; just like that in your humidor, and since it contains very little oil or resin (compared to other types of cedar) when lit there is little to no introduction of other substances or aromatics to interfere or contaminate your cigar.