We use the highest grade A and AA quality Spanish Cedar wood; which is actually Mahogany (the same species of wood that is used in humidors to protect your cigars) to light your delicious smokes. Since it contains very little oil or resin compared to other types of cedar, there are almost no other substances or aromatics to contaminate or interfere with your cigar.

There are many different types of cedar, like Western Red Cedar, Incense Cedar or those cedar chips you place in a pet cage. Using any of these to light a cigar could release the oils, water and resins that naturally occur in the wood and penetrate your cigar, altering the flavor.

Our Spanish Cedar spills preserve and protect the taste or flavor of a cigar, compared to lighting with a chemical head matchstick or butane lighter. Either of these could scorch or contaminate the tobacco, oils and water within a cigar. They can also contain gelatin, wax, clay, butane or other chemicals that could interfere with the flavor of your cigar.