At long last and after much effort we are happy to present out “Cigar Maker Placards” for sale.
First the background – We created a few of these for a local cigar shop who in the beginning simply did not have enough “cigar stuff” for their walls. Now that they have these placards (we gave them to the owner for free), and other cigar swag, on the walls they get the cigar maker's who come through town for events autograph them.

Cigar Maker placards at Riverside Cigar Shop and Lounge

The second step was when someone in the cigar shop asked if they could buy one. Buy What?? We just did not think that way or that these placrds might be something someone would want on their walls or even pay for.

Third step. If someone is willing to pay for them how might we get the cigar makers involved, get permission to use their logo and do something positive with these sales within the cigar industry. Enter Cigars for Warriors.

Fourth step up. Cigars for Warriors gathers cigars and cigar accessories and sends packages out to US troops deployed around the world to provide them the simplest of pleasures while on deployment. The proceeds from every placard sold is given to Cigars for Warriors to help offset the cost of postage they incur every month in mailing out packages worldwide. Cigars for Warriors is our charity and we send them custom cedar spills which are included alongside cigars, lighters, cutter and other items.

Fifth and final step. Prototypes were created and sent out to every cigar brand who had an office in the U.S. Right away we had great response and 9 boutique cigar makers said “GO FOR IT!” Other cigar makers are in the process of joining but like anything, anywhere in business things take time.

Check them out. We are proud of the craftsmanship, the charity it supports and all the cigar makers that enthusiastically jumped on board to not only extend their brand but support a great cause.