After creating many custom Spillboxes and Spills for Freemasons across the U.S. we finally listened and added them to out product lineup.

Freemason Walnut Spill box and spills

Freemason Walnut Spill box and spills

We never just put things up on our eCommerce site because we can or just to fill space especially when it involves and reflects around one of the great at most established fraternal organizations in the country.

Over the years we have shared many fine cigars and conversations with friends and colleagues that as it turned out are Freemasons. As we create a unique cigar and pipe accessory that really embraces and perpetuates the ritual of enjoying fine tobacco a number of our friends have had us create custom spills and spillboxes to commemorate or celebrate an event or individual who has contributed to this brotherhood. owner of domain name . So we have decided after speaking with a number of members that we would add these Freemason specialty spillboxes (Walnut, Mahogany and Colonel’s Red) and custom cedar spills to our product lineup. We asked members to be sure our quality and craftsmanship would be up to their standards and they said yes.

Every order includes shipping and the spills can have just about any text you want on the length of the cedar spills.

I hope that if you are a Freemason, or know of one, that enjoys a premium hand rolled cigar that you will consider getting the one accessory you probably do not have that truly adds to the experience allowing you to “Roast and Toast, not Torch and Scorch”© your tobacco.