“Nude Cigar Girl” by artist Michael Spano was created as his tribute to the better things in life. Enjoying a sensual woman and the pleasure of a good cigar. Both should be appreciated for how they satisfy the senses. Michael's artwork is available at ArtBySpano.com

picture advertisement for Nude Cigar Girl

Nude Cigar Girl by Michael Spano

We licensed this image from Michael Spano after a customer contacted us and wanted this image for their own spills and spillboxes. Well, we like to do things right and reached out to Mr. Spano to make sure we did this all legally, appropriately and properly; the best ideas come from our customers. We are thrilled to now offer this beautiful artwork to you, adding something a little steamy to your cigar or pipe smoking enjoyment.

These spills are available in bundles of 100+ and are shipped USPS in heavy duty cardboard tubes.