The Spills

Simply put: Roast and Toast, don’t Torch and Scorch.

A Commonwealth Cedar Spill is specifically designed for the cigar smoker to get the most out of their cigar by enabling the ignition process to start slowly. This enables the true flavors and aromatics of the tobaccos to come forth as the cigar maker intended.

Not commonly seen, and used only sparingly today by those who are either curious or connoisseurs of all things cigar, a spill is an instrument of refinement. A spill box filled with Commonwealth Cedar Spills is a unique and discerning gift for the cigar smoker in your life or anyone who enjoys a respite from the routine. Commonwealth Cedar Spills enhance and extend that time as smoking a cigar should never be rushed…neither should lighting one.

A Commonwealth Cedar Spill: the best way to light and taste your cigar.