With great pride and enthusiasm we announce our Commonwealth Cedar Spills Ambassador program and our inaugural ambassadors. This program is all about finding a cigar or pipe smoker that really embraces what we are all about with our custom cedar spills; Roasting and Toasting not Torching and Scorching your tobacco, enjoying the tradition and the ceremony of slowing down and making the most of every smoke.
Our ambassadors use cedar spills, have shared them with others and have spread the word about enjoying a cigar from foot to finish by using a cedar spill to minimize the amount of char typically introduced to the binder and filler of a cigar when using modern blow torch lighters. Now every month for one year they will be giving away to whomever they choose at our expense a bundle of cedar spills with their design on it.

Ambassador’s Delicia and Julian

Our inaugural ambassadors are 1) Delicia Silva better known as The Cigar Vixen and 2) Julian Crawford; sorry Julian ladies first. You can find both of them on Facebook (their own pages) and of course numerous cigar and lifestyle pages.