We had a blast with our friends from the B and B Cigar Club in Washington DC this past weekend at the DC TweetUp 2014. The guys and gals who participate in this event not only have a great time on the party bus and all the cigar shops we visit but raise money for the American Diabetes Association.

This is a great opportunity to put faces to the names and handles of all the folks you interact with on social media and of course talk one-on-one with the cigar makers who also participate in this event.

There are several cigar events across the U.S. that you can join in (we encourage you to do so) and this one is now on our calendar for next year. It speaks so well of the cigar community that these men and women can gather up and raise money for a good cause while also supporting small businesses and preserving the tradition of camaraderie and kinship that cigars enable.

B and B Cigar Club guys

CCS spills contest winner

CCS contest winner

B and B Cigar Club custom spills

B and B Cigar Club custom spills